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I am 19. I am Straight. My name is Travis. I am from Louisiana

Most days I'm a fitblr/liftblr/quadblr/shitblr whatever you wanna call me,some days I'm a humor blog, somedays sexual frustration, probably gonna start posting more porn because I like porn too. I don't post things to get followers nor notes I post them because I like them. If you don't like what I post unfollow me. So yeah WELCOME TO MY BLOG

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Anonymous: I've noticed that you've talked about you having bad acne on your blog. I've realized you're clearing it up with proactive but have you ever used accutane or had a friend who used it? If so, are the side effects really that bad?

i want to use it my friends have had amazing results and acne hasn’t come back. 2 people i know for sure have recommended it to me

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385lb for 1 squat with a slight spot not a PR because of the tap up that I got but I’m gonna wait a month or two and try to get 405lbs for 1 then feeling confident as fuck right now though